Valuing for Africa

Jim Rogers, founder of the Quantum Fund with George Soros, believes Africa is the next frontier for value creation in technology. And Sagarmatha Technologies is that African Firm of the Future which seeks funding from local and international capital markets to innovate at a cost of capital that will march us into this next frontier and allow for future growth. American and Chinese companies dominate the platform environment with market capitalisation of the top five companies – Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft – at US $ 3 trillion.

African companies need to compete in this new business world order and build value - on the back of a 300 million strong middle class and home grown technological innovations - to fully realise its potential. Sagarmatha Technologies has set out to be a visionary leader, not a profit leader, in Africa. We believe that this is Africa’s opportunity to engage its own engineers and developers to take ownership of this new frontier. Our plan, to train 5000 Africans to take control of their destiny, create value for shareholders and monetise for the benefit of Africa, is key to the African growth story and building innovations that shift the fundamental unit economics of business.