The Consumer Opportunity In Africa

The consumer opportunity in Africa rests on five pillars:

1. The rise of the middle class (355 million in 2011 and expected to grow to 500 million by 2030);
2. Exponential population growth;
3. The dominance of youth (more than 200 million Africans, just over 20% of the population, are aged between 15 and 24, and that demographic is expected to grow to 321 million by 2030);
4. Rapid urbanisation;
5. Fast adoption of digital technologies (mobile is fast becoming the primary channel for accessing the Internet.
The potential for growth is significant, with only 20% of the population online, compared with
nearly 75% in Europe and 32% in Asia. (Deloitte Consumer Review – Africa: A 21st century view - 2015). It is this opportunity that sees Sagarmatha well positioned to drive Africa into the 4th
Industrial Revolution with a consolidated offering to audiences and advertisers.