The African Opportunity

Sagarmatha’ Technologies has a vision of accessing African innovations, skills, technologies and homegrown solutions to deep social, economic and technological problems. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and mobile technologies and accessibility in particular has resulted in a well spring of innovation that is delivering solutions to economic sectors including agriculture, commerce, travel, urban movements and the delivery of services in health, education and basic services. Sagarmatha has a “build not break” approach to business, seeking partners on the continent and the globe to knit a business community behind success and growth.

As a platforms business, Sagarmatha’s unique value lies in owning platforms that connect for growth. Technology is an enabler and is the tool that Sagarmatha uses to build platforms that, in turn, builds community. This includes connecting:
- consumers to commerce
- consumers to opportunity
- citizens to each other
- African countries to African countries;
- African business owners to African business owners
- African business owners to business support
- Africa to global investors and global business
- Global business to African opportunities and partners
- African governments to the citizenry, to each other, and to partners around the world