Sagarmatha Peak

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Sagarmatha Peak will offer customers a monthly subscription that gives them access to a range of services that bundles together current and future offerings from various Sagarmatha businesses and partners. This would include free delivery and/or expedited delivery from our e-commerce platforms; access to instant streaming of videos /TV shows and movies (including original content) from our Video and Entertainment business; free subscriptions to online daily and weekend newspapers and online magazines from our Branded Media Vertical; early access to deals; members-only sales and discounts; discounts on video games and photo storage. The basic Sagarmatha Peak membership model will have a set of extensions including:
Business Peak, which offers business customers a bundled enterprise package that includes access to Sagarmatha Web Services; access to Sagarmatha private marketplace; discounts on advertising in online and print and digital products offered through ANA and Branded Media as well as custom content solutions offered by Studio Independent. Student Peak which offers students free access to a range of edu-tech products; Sport Peak which offers sports enthusiasts access to a range of niche sports products; Health Peak which offers access to healthtech products as well as partner products.