Syndicated Content Distribution Platform

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Co-CEO of Sagarmatha Technologies, Grant Fredericks, describes the syndicated digital content portfolio and how it fits into the Sagarmatha ecosystem. - Co-CEO Profile

ANA is Africa’s only multimedia content syndication platform.

Its marginal cost-of-content strategy is crafted around strategic media partnerships, with news and media organisations on the African continent. These partnerships enable ANA to package and on-sell authentic African content to news and media organisations across Europe, North America and the BRICS countries.

ANA also offers a free-to-view, subscription based Press Release platform, which enables its subscribers to self-upload its press releases and disseminate them to a targeted audience, globally.



that ANA uses has been customised to meet its specific requirements. ANA intends to seek opportunities to grow organically or through strategic acquisitions. ANA is well-placed to scale up its operations and expand outside South Africa, to

increase its African media partnerships and to develop specialized content platforms for its media partners and incorporate them into its existing content platforms, at a marginal cost, to enhance ANA's product offering and to extract data from their content platforms and house it on a centralised ANA data management platform (DMP).  ANA intends to position itself as a source of nuanced African content, aimed at the large diaspora market outside Africa, to be sold via its News Wire and PR Wire offerings. Content will be sourced from media partners on the African continent through content swap arrangements or acquisitions if appropriate.

ANA is headquartered in Cape Town and has offices in Johannesburg and Durban. The CEO of ANA is Grant Fredericks, who oversees a staff complement of 26 people. ANA owns and operates a multimedia syndicated news service, with two primary products – News Wire and PR Wire. ANA uses publishing software, the Baobab Suite (, which is has been custom built by South African software developer, Afrozaar ( According to Afrozaar, Baobab has been deployed within a number of leading media organisations, including the UK’s Telegraph Media Group. The version of Baobab