Prime Content Solutions Platform

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Sagarmatha Technologies has a team of skilled professional editorial writers, designs and artists who comprise Studio Independent, an in-house commercial content team that provides multi-channel content marketing services to brands and service providers.

The team of 98 journalists have skills ranging from writing, editing, content production, graphic arts, photography, video and page design. Studio Independent is a one-stop-shop for content strategy, product development, content development and media buying across all platforms. Its core services include:

- Create, manage and distribute content, including advertising content, on behalf of advertising clients;

-Develop bespoke content campaigns for clients to specific audiences and communities including text, images and video.

- Social media management on campaigns to client owned digital and social platforms or directed to Sagarmatha technologies owned media platforms

The Company offers a full-service content agency that provides custom solutions, channel management and bespoke product development for advertising clients. It provides prime content which can be monetised through sponsored content, advertising, content production and subscriptions. The following services are on offer: 360-degree solutions for campaigns or brands;  Creation of sponsored content for 360- degree advertising solutions. It also serves as a repository for new generation platforms like Augmented Reality linked video, custom content created for clients, and also features clients' own content or links to their sites;  Owns and offers value added channels and formats to advertisers including events, video, augmented reality and other new technology; 

Offers branded content and native advertising opportunities to advertisers in print and digital channels; and offers content services to clients requiring content development and management in all formats.

This unit charges customers for time spent creating custom content off a rate card or through annuity packages.  Sagarmatha Technologies will have an opportunity to earn additional advertising revenue should the custom content solutions be distributed via its Branded Media, Digital and Video platforms. Looking forward the plan is to offer an editorial production service on a low-cost annuity basis to media houses around Africa. This both fills the gaps created in legacy media companies which have shed editorial staff by presenting an outsourced opportunity. Subbing and production services will be offered across all media platforms, including print, digital and social.