eTech and M-Tech Solutions Platform

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EDUTECH: Sagarmatha Technologies intends to venture into eLearning and Massive Open Online Courses (“MOOCs”). Plans include partnerships and acquisitions of prominent suppliers of education solutions and services to academic institutions, companies and governments. In addition, the unit will target commission on sale of academic material.

FINTECH: Sagarmatha Technologies aims to develop mobile payment systems (m-wallet), cryptocurrencies and other products and services such as insurance and lending arrangements as the basis for providing internet financial services to the segment of the productive African population which is excluded from the mainstream economy, and has little or no access to financial services.

HEALTHTECH: Sagarmatha Technologies intends to offer innovative solutions through the use of technology to transform health system management, specialising in personal genetics where customers’genetic data is analysed and users are provided with personalised information with regard to both fitness and nutrition.