B2C ecommerce Platform

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Sagarmatha Technologies believes that ecommerce presents a significant opportunity in Africa, with a number of factors supporting its expansion, including increasing online penetration and mobile adoption; the emergence of new payment methods; and improved network and logistics infrastructure. The South African online retail market is still very nascent, and only constitutes in the region of 2 % of total general merchandise retail sales (excluding groceries). In the rest of Africa the online market is also at a very early stage and the traction is mostly with general merchandise market places. Management believes that in Africa the ecommerce market is still very contestable with a high degree of price elasticity.

Headquartered in Cape Town, Loot Online (http://www.loot.co.za), is a leading South Africa based multi-category online retailer. Through its desktop and mobile websites and applications, Loot Online delivers a convenient and intuitive online shopping experience, that currently offers 17 million products across 14 categories: Books; Movies and TV; Games; Music; Computers; Toys; Baby; Kitchen; Home; Outdoor; DIY; Health and Beauty; Stationery and Office; and Arts and Crafts. The timing is right to grow Loot Online into the largest and most customer-centric online fashion, luxury goods and services ecommerce destinations in Africa.



In order to achieve this objective, Loot Online intends to:

Increase the personnel complement dealing with the commercial and IT side of the Loot Online business. Further invest in marketing, automation and customer retention tools, search engine optimisation, media content integration and marketing partnerships. Invest in ancillary support services including warehousing and logistics in order to improve the product offering to customers. Implement proprietary automated marketing and merchandising software and data science resourcing to enhance its marketing capabilities. Extension of sales mix to include, for example, fashion.