Digital Media Online Platform

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IOL ( is a popular South African free-to-access news website. The site is device responsive, and can be accessed on desktop and on all mobile screen sizes. It is also available via an app from Apple and Android devices. IOL offers general news, premium content in the areas of business, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and motoring. Digital Media Online operates other digital media sites outside of IOL. These include 14 hyperlocal sites on behalf of African Community Media (Pty) Ltd and African Independent on behalf of ANA. 

IOL's objective is to offer the right content to the right person at the right place. Management plans to roll out the IOL platform across Africa (East, West and North Africa).
This expansion will take the form of either partnering with established operators (and using their established brands) or starting new initiatives. The integration with CMS and technology partners means that the IOL framework can be used to quickly launch and scale a new or existing publisher’s site, with immediate benefits of optimisation, for the enhancement of content and commercial opportunities. Management also intends establishing with free walls and paywalls, behind which high value premium content will be offered for a subscription fee or data capturing.


Digital content from Independent Media brands and titles is showcased to South African and international audiences, via IOL. IOL operates 20 dedicated title sites for independent Media. For example, The Star newspaper’s website is IOL is in the process of creating unique separate sites for those Independent Media titles with larger audiences. IOL also operates TYI (, which was launched in 2015, and is dedicated to delivering news to the youth market.

IOL has invested in and developed its own website framework and technology.