Classifieds Marketplace Platform


Classifieds Marketplace is headquartered in Cape Town and has offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria and KwaZulu-Natal.

Classifieds Marketplace has a portfolio with B2B, B2C and C2C offerings across a variety of media products (online and print).

  It currently has three digital platforms in Motoring (, Careers ( and Property ( These products, which were previously print focused, have been transformed into digital-first offerings.

Each platform offers a secure, credible and transparent website. Sites are Search Engine Optimised (SEO), rich and fully responsive, making them accessible across all devices. All platforms offer the advertiser, as well as the user, a 360 multi-media solution, incorporating print, desktop, mobile, eventing, video and social media, including user generated ratings and reviews, reputation management and content value-ads. Classifieds Marketplace plans to disintermediate each of the segments within its portfolio – motoring, careers, services and property. This will include removing all pain points in the consumer purchase journey by creating “one stop shops”. In motoring, for example, the strategy includes establishing meta-data sites comparing prices, giving professional and user reviews, connecting buyers and sellers and offering, at comparable or discounted prices access to adjacancies around each of those industries fintech in particular.

The strategy will encompass both transactional marketplaces with a business model that is based on commissions for facilitating the direct buyer-seller transaction as well as end-to-end marketplaces that adds branding and services on top of the transactional model.
At the centre of the strategy is simplifying buyer seller interactions; building in trust and cutting out the middlemen in internet-based transactions while aggregating data.
Levering data analytics and machine learning capabilities from allied Sagarmatha businesses to track consumer behaviour;
a strong marketing strategy that uses Sagarmatha’s audience reach to build brands in our portfolio; deep search capabilities that enhances the user experience and proactive reputation management will give Classified Marketplace the ability to scale and expand at low marginal cost around the African continent. Management believes that Classifieds Marketplace is scalable and intends to roll out some of its digital offerings into other African countries.