Branded Media Platform

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Despite the well documented challenges faced by traditional media houses worldwide, they still play a crucial role as a source of news and content discussed on television and radio, and shared digitally and on social media. Branded Media platforms connect audiences in clearly identifiable market segments, based on location, region, ethnicity and language. The content consumed by audiences is further aggregated into unique niche segments such as Business, Sport, Lifestyle and Entertainment. This is either online or in print. In a technology media environment, Branded Media is a source of prime audiences that can be monetised on new technology platforms including digital and ecommerce. Sagarmatha Technologies, through Independent Newspapers, has one of the largest offerings of Branded Media platforms (online and print) in South Africa.

The Branded Media Vertical has a reach of over 12 million people weekly (All Media Products Study - 2015). Independent Newspapers has over 500 trained content generators and is one of the leading players in the English language reader market in South Africa and owns one of the largest vernacular brands in South Africa. This provides Sagarmatha Technologies with a platform to expand its access to African audiences and markets for its digital and technology offerings. Sagarmatha Technologies recognises the benefits of integrating specialised Branded Media content with new monetisable technology platforms like ecommerce, and further recognises the value of the Independent Media’s Branded Media portfolio as a critical component of drawing audiences to its wide array of platforms.


This platform earns revenue from advertising and from sales of newspapers and subscriptions.The Branded Media Vertical’s portfolio is concentrated in South Africa. Sagarmatha Technologies intends to acquire branded media assets in other African countries as the Group expands its African audience base. This is expected to complement the Group's E-commerce and syndicated content distribution expansion plans. Sagarmatha Technologies recognises that customers desire premium content. The Group therefore intends to further invest in its content creating capabilities to attract new and retain existing audiences. Sagarmatha Technologies also understands the value of integrating specialised content with E-commerce and other specialist digital offerings like classified portals and intends to improve integration within the Group.