B2B Regional and Country Marketplace Platform

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Supply chain business to business e-commerce is on the increase as technology is now enabling companies to manage their procurement more efficiently via e-commerce platforms. Sagarmatha Technologies intends to create highly scalable platforms using intelligent algorithms to organise businesses according to industries, match and connect buyers and sellers, and facilitate payments and order fulfilment through integrated fintech and logistics.

Through Loot Online, Sagarmatha Technologies has a B2C E-commerce platform which could be extended to SCB2B and B2B E-commerce. The Group intends using a portion of the proceeds from the Private Placement to hire additional software engineers to develop data analytics and intelligent algorithms which will allow the Loot Online platform to match supply and demand, and thereby facilitate trade.

Specific sectors to be targeted will include agriculture, construction, engineering, internet, communications and infrastructure, mining and pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Businesses will be vetted before being loaded onto the platform. An integrated payments system will enable the easy conclusion of transactions whilst lowering the risk of non-payment and other exchange control hurdles. The intention is to generate revenue by charging businesses a subscription to be on the platform, thereby building an annuity income stream, together with commission on sales conducted through the platform.

Over time, the intention is to extend the platform to be able to offer the following services:

-risk management, including insurance financial services

-integrated warehouse, logistics and order fulfilment

-credit control through pre-screening of customers

-supply chain management

SCB2B Industry Marketplace will target customers in the following sectors:

• Construction

• Mining

• Engineering

• Agriculture

• Transportation

Sagarmatha Technologies intends to develop an ecommerce platform (B2B Regional and Country Marketplace) modelled on the SCB2B Industry Marketplace, which will connect businesses within a particular region or countries trading with each other across industries and business sectors. This could be beneficial in fostering trade with selected trading partners (for example, after signing bilateral trade agreements). In this case, the intelligent algorithms will be adapted to connect businesses searching for specific products with businesses selling the specific products in predefined countries or regions. Targeted regions include BRICS members, as well as regional economic associations such as the Southern African Development Community, the Economic Community of West African States and the East African Community.